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Boudoir FAQ:

May 13, 2014

boudoir tips 

Boudoir FAQ:  What Happens After the Shoot

With the rise in information surrounding the art of boudoir and boudoir photography, more and more people are becoming aware of what goes on during a Boudoir session. Ladies know about the glam and the bedazzlement, all star styling and other small perks, but they have no idea what happens after.

The Day of the Shoot: 

After you’ve finished taking photos, and you slipped into something more comfortable, a few things are set into motion. One of the most wonderful things about what Boudoir photographers are doing nowadays is that you don’t have to wait a long time to see your photos, in fact, you can see them the same day.

And if you do your session with me, you can even get a luxurious massage or take a bubble bath while you’re waiting in L’Cheriyve Studios.

Viewing Session: 

In this private same day viewing session, or at a later date if you prefer, you get to see all the best unedited photos from the session. During the session, while you’re sipping on tea or coffee and nibbling on tasty treats we provide, you can choose the photos you like best, discuss editing extras, and purchase prints, booklets, canvases, or other customizable products. This session is so important because it puts you in the drivers seat, allowing you to decide what you want and how you want it.

I usually book my viewing sessions within two weeks of the Boudoir session. I love doing same day because I don’t like my clients to have to wait. But I understand that sometimes that isn’t possible so I’m more than willing to schedule it for a day better suited for you, and all parties involved.

Getting your Prints and Gift Sets:

After you’ve made your choices, it will take between 3-6 weeks to get your prints. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is that here at Boudoir Los Angeles we are focused on perfection, and will do everything I’m our power to ensure this you have a quality experience, and the final product you receive is top of the line, exceeding your every expectation.

The ultimate goal is to make your session as enjoyable as possible, from initial consultation to product delivery. Your experience doesn’t begin the day of your session, it begins when we make the first phone call, and it doesn’t end until you get your photos.

For more information and to book a shoot


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Boudoir Photography Tips: How to Over-Deliver

May 13, 2014

Boudoir Photography Tips: How to Over-Deliver

We all love when we buy something and then get something free, when we an get an instant upgrade we didn’t ask for or even apply for, or receive a thank you card in the mail that we didn’t expect. It’s called surprise and delight, and like with everything else, in Boudoir Photography knowing when and where to over deliver can mean the world to your clients.

In the business world, it’s no great secret that you consistently want to exceed your client’s expectations. You want to shock them, awe them, impress them, and ultimately give them a better experience than they had ever dreamed of. For your boudoir clients, this type of service is just as pivotal. From initial consultation to image delivery, you want them to feel like they’ve been on the ride of their life, one that they just have to tell everybody about.

Under-Promise, Over-Deliver

There are several things you can do to make sure your Boudoir clients have a world-class experience from beginning to end. One of the most important things is to not show your entire arsenal, to use just the right size hook in order to reign them in, and reserve the “big guns”for when you need them.

This is where knowing your target audience comes into play. Know what appeals to your clients, do what it takes to get them to book a session, and then once they’ve booked the session which is right for them…

Rock their world.

I love seeing the looks on my client’s faces when during the consultation I tell them about what the process will be like. Their broad smiles and raised eyebrows exclaim, “Wow, you can do that for me.”It makes them feel instantly special. And as Boudoir Photographers, making our clients feel special is the entire reason for what we do. Or at least it is for me anyways.

If you under-promise, this gives you a buffer zone – some wiggle room for you to shine. You know how long it takes you to do things, how well you can do them, and what your standards are.

Say you’ll have the photos to them in 3 weeks, but deliver them in two. If they order a large number of prints, give them a small extra as a thank you. At your boudoir sessions, have complimentary hors d’oeuvres ready when they arrive.

Balance and Boudoir

But there is an art to this whole scenario. You are running a business, and the purpose of this strategy is twofold:

  1. Attract New Clients
  2. Reward Faithful Clients

If your methods of over-delivery aren’t meeting these ends, then it’s time to adjust your strategy. Try offering referral perks to customers who recommend you to their friends, or feel free to get creative. The whole point is to make yourself stand out so much in the minds of your boudoir clients that they can’t stop talking about you and what a great time they had.

Because remember, happy clients = more clients, and over-delivery is one of the most underrated ways of doing just that.

A Secret Tip

A little something I like to do to impress my special clients. I create mood boards all the time in the commercial and editorial world so why not create them for those special portraits clients that need a little extra inspiration. It really does wonders. It helps with posing, attitude and can take your lighting to a new level.

It pushes you  to try new things, and maybe take your work  to another level. Your client will truly appreciate you going the extra mile to help make their boudoir shoot the best it can be. Give it a shot! Next time you want to impress your client, ask who some of their favorite icons are and create a mood board around them. Let me know how it goes!



boudoir mood board 5.10

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Creating A Transformative Boudoir Photography Experience

May 8, 2014

Boudoir Photography Tips: How to Create a Transformative Experience

 There are thousands of photographers in California alone, all of them trying to make a living, and only a few of them are successful at it. There are a few differences between successful boudoir photographers, and those not so successful, and one of those differences has more to do with the entire experience than the final photos themselves. Of course the photos are important, but they’re not as important as you might think.

 Boudoir clients want to have an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, not just another photo session. They’ve learned to expect more, and so it’s up to you to provide more.

How to Create a Transformative Boudoir Photography Experience

 1.Compliment Her

First and foremost it’s your duty to make her feel like the most important and beautiful person in the room. She needs to feel comfortable and confident, and if you’re taking her photo without giving her any direction or positive feedback, she’s not going to respond well. If she strikes a fantastic pose, tell her! Be constructive and upbeat, and your energy will inspire her.

2. Be Mindful of the Environment

The most important thing is for her to be comfortable. Lucky for us here in L.A., the warmth makes it easy for use to control things temperature-wise. If your clients are going to be scantily clad, the room better not be freezing.

The next thing you want to consider is privacy. This is an intimate session, and it should feel that way. If she wants to bring along a friend for moral support, let her. If she only wants you in the room with her, make that happen. Go the extra mile so that the environment fits what she needs, and fits the mood of the session.

3. Let Her Shine

This is her day, give her room to break through. What is about her that stands out, that makes her unique? Or better yet, what does she like about herself? Give her the opportunity to show it off.

4. Throw in Some Goodies

Never underestimate the power of brilliant styling and strong champagne. Feature packages that include hair and makeup so that, for the day, your boudoir client can become the star she’s always wanted to be. Play music with great vibes, get her laughing. Do whatever it takes.

A truly transformative experience is one that not only allows your boudoir client to leave the session with a bounce in her step and feeling good all over, but something that will help her permanently see herself in a whole new light. Women who have an experience like this will tell everyone they know, and the people who hear about it will want to see it for themselves.

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Say Hello to my new Boudoir Studio

May 7, 2014

LCheriyve With picturesque elegance designed to inspire luxury, my new studio at L’Cheriyve is a space that seems to have arisen out of an idealized boudoir dream. Located just 15 minutes from downtown, LAX, Manhattan Beach and Marina Del Rey, it’s close enough to be accessible, but secluded enough to be both private and exclusive.

The Space  With 5,000 square feet of magnificently decorated space, this jaw dropping venue has it all. Luxurious furniture in an intimate setting, artistically designed rooms to fit all moods and personalities, and plenty of room to make magic happen. Whether you’re looking to do a classic, edgy, or editorial style session, or something unique and new, Boudoir sessions at L’Cheriyve can accommodate all tastes and desires.  

The Ultimate Boudior Experience  In a session at L’Cheriyve with Marisa Leigh, you are guaranteed the royal treatment. We hold nothing back, aiming to ensure that you have the ultimate boudoir experience. A session in this exquisite space goes hand in hand with Marisa’s personal philosophy, a “Luxury Bespoke” approach that’s both decadent and transformative. When you step through the doors at L’Cheriyve, you are immediately swept away by the grandeur of the chambers. Each room invites you step inside into a secret place, a place for women to set aside their inhibitions and embrace their unique inner and outer beauty. A place for them to shine.

The Possibilities  With a studio like this, the possibilities are endless. Clients can take a bubble bath or get a massage after their shoot while they wait for their same day viewing of their images, they can lounge in comfort in a specially designed room while a team of makeup and hairstylists turn them into a goddess, they can draw upon their inner vixen surrounded by red velvet, or play up their sweet innocence on a bed of lace – at L’Cheriyve anything you can imagine, you can have.  Are you ready to book the Boudoir Session you’ve always dreamt of?

To book a session contact us today at

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Boudoir State of Mind: Models and Muses

May 6, 2014

Boudoir State of Mind: Models and Muses

 One of the most frequent questions I’ve been getting from my clients recently is this:

“I’m not a professional model, will I still look good in my boudoir photos?”

They look at my website, see a variety of beautiful women and for some silly reason, immediately think they somehow they don’t fit the “standard.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, I figured it was time to clear up this delicate issue, and rest your mind at ease. The truth of the matter is every woman is beautiful. No matter her height, weight, bust size, eye color, hair color, whatever. And above all else, You don’t have to be a professional model with “the look”to take exceptional photos.

Models, Muses, and Women in Photography

 As a professional photographer I work with all sorts. I have done commercial work where a client will specifically request a certain model or featured personality for the photo work, but the bulk of what I do, and the majority of the images on my website, consists of work with real women.

These are people who come into the studio with no prior modeling experience, and over the course of a session become more comfortable with their bodies and more empowered as a result of the experience.

I think the reason for this misunderstanding is that people often don’t see themselves the way they deserve to be seen. As women, we so often compare ourselves to everyone else, judging ourselves against what we see in magazines or in cosmetic ads, and not realizing that most of this is manufactured nonsense to make you believe that you need a product.

Boudoir Photography exists as a means to show women how beautiful they truly are. One of my favorite things is when a client sees her Boudoir photos and asks, “is that really me?!”And I can tell them, honestly, of course it’s you, because you’re beautiful.

When we become accustomed to seeing ourselves a certain way, we take it as the only truth…but when we get the chance to see ourselves a different way, all dolled up during a session for example, our self-perception and self-esteem changes for the better.

So no, you don’t have to be a professional model to look good in your photos. You just have to be you.

If you are  a new boudoir photographer and you are just starting out, then I recommend using one of the many model sites to build your portfolio. Some good sites to start on are model mayhemand one model place. You want to work with as many different body types as you can, so you can gain an understanding of the best posing options for each. Using models is a great way to build your confidence as well as your portfolio. Working with models will give you the chance to explore techniques and develop your own personal style. Once you have more confidence in yourself then you can move onward and upward to clients.


I think it is important to always be testing. Testing new lights, and new ideas. It keeps your work fresh and lets you have some creative freedom. As boudoir photographers, we have limits on what we can and can’t post. There is a level of intimacy with our clients and what we can show depends entirely on them. With that said,  it’s even more important to build your portfolio with models and muses that will allow you to use their images on all of your promotional material.

Who To Test

You also want to you a variety of different ethnicities. When a client can relate to your work through their background, you’ll have more luck in booking them. People like to go with what is comfortable and if they can see themselves in your photos than you are that much closer to turning them into a client.

Your Website

Putting your best work on your site is often something many photographers overlook. Just because you have a lot of good photos does not mean they all need to be seen. Keep it tight, and to the best of the best. It’s better to have 10 strong photos than 30 ok ones. Having a strong edited body of work is crucial to having a strong web presence. It also needs to flow. Whatever photos you intend to put on your site, print them out, lay them on your floor or put them on your wall and pice them together. I do this ALL the time. Think of it like a killer mixed tape. Haha I just totally aged myself. You know what I mean. Each one needs to lead into the next.

Also, If you have any questions or you ever want to shoot me any images for a constructive crit, feel free!

Here are few lovely photos from one of my recent shoots. I’ve had some really lovely shoots over the last couple months, this one being one of them. I’m so thrilled she is allowing me to share.


Boudoir Los Angeles-0135_Stomp

Boudoir Tips Los Angeles-0529E_Stomp

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