Month: May, 2014

Boudoir State of Mind : Taking the time for you

May 29, 2014

It’s been a difficult week and I’ve been being really hard on myself. I am just working around the clock and somehow I think I’m super woman so I keep putting more stuff on my plate. As of now, I’m working on a very special e-book, the launch of my lingerie site, moving into my new boudoir studio and working on the site for that, posts for this a and with all of this I’m still shooting and taking care of clients. I feel like I need a small army for this world domination. Thank god I love what I do and I can work a 14 hour day and somehow feel like it just happened in a moment.

With this being said, it got me thinking that so much of our time is spent doing things with or for other people, whether for work, for friends, for our special someones. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, as long as we can take the time to honor ourselves – to take time out of our days to appreciate the moments that make our lives beautiful.

From the first day of your life until the last day of your life, the only person who will always be there for you, through the good times and the really bad times, though the failures and the achievements and the greatest joys and the worst sorrows and everything in between, is you. Your relationships with other people make life beautiful, interesting, worth living. But beyond any doubt, the most important relationship of your life, is the one you have with yourself.

I have been going on these amazing hike in Malibu with my pooch every couple days. I don’t don’t what I would do without this? It’s hard to pull myself away from work, but the minute I get there and breathe in the yummy ocean air, my heart is happy! These moments are the oxygen that keeps my soul alive!

I know we can get caught up in our daily lives and I just wanted to share some inspiration!

7 Fun Ways to Love Yourself

– Pour yourself a tall glass of wine and soak in a bubble bath

-Take yourself shopping and try on a beautiful dress, you don’t have to buy it, but just seeing   yourself in it will make you feel beautiful

Book a Boudoir Session with Boudoir Los Angeles

– Write yourself little notes of encouragement and paste them all over the house

– Listen to what your heart is truly saying, and act on it

– Be kind to yourself

– That thing you’ve always wanted to do, but other responsibilities always got in the way, do it

Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that everyone else is more important than you, you are just as much worth your time as everyone else. Remember, if you respect yourself, and others will respect you.

 So cherish the most sacred and significant relationship of your life, the one you have with yourself

One thing I do to cherish myself is to  go on this hike three to four times a week. It’s is only 10 minutes away from me, so when I go I always have an overwhelming sense of gratitude about my surroundings. It keeps me centered, and puts me back on track!

Please share what is is that keeps you inspired and loving your fabulous life.





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Age is just a number

May 27, 2014

As my birthday looms closer and that feeling of yet another year is creeping to the surface, I have to remember, age is just a number. Every year, it seems to be right around this time that I start to get a little crazy. I become harder on myself, start scrutinizing my life and the choices I have made – the trips I have not gone on, the goals I have yet to complete. In the past, I’ve been known to start stupid fights, act out, and sometimes be totally irrational. Who’s with me? Anyone? Getting older does absurd things to us, but I’ve only really noticed this change in the last few years.

Most of my friends have had their first or second child and are settling into their new life as a mom. Being surrounded by this means that it’s only natural that I have babies on the brain, especially during this time of year. I mean, I’ll be 35 in a month, still following my heart, loving my life, living with the love of my life and getting more inspired everyday. I feel this beautiful momentum happening right now and I have worked to hard and too long too hard to not hold on to the energy. I am committed to playing as big as I can and manifesting the life of my dreams. No babies can stop me now…

Please don’t get me wrong, I”m not against babies. I really do want to have kids and I hope before it’s too late I jump, and take the leap, so to speak. I just don’t feel like anything is missing from my life right now, so I’m going to stick with that.

I love it when my clients celebrate their birthdays with me with a sexy shoot. I think to promote it, I’m even going to start giving out some sort sweet deal for the birthday girl. Having some sexy boudoir photos done of yourself is saying that you LOVE yourself, and whatever age you are, that’s a big deal! That’s what it’s about, knowing and loving who you are, where you have been, and what you are becoming. As far as I am concerned we should do it every year! We should celebrate ourselves, we don’t do it enough.

This Lovely Woman celebrated her 40th birthday with me.  She makes 40 look like 30 and any woman that works this hard should definitely show it off! Staying fit is a choice and not always an easy one. I believe staying fit, eating right and loving yourself is the elixir of life. Your body is strong, your mind is clear and there is love in your heart. What else do you need?

Terri, you’re Gorgeous, you have it all!


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What does your lingerie say about you?

May 23, 2014

Luxe Intimates : What does your lingerie say about you?

 Naughty. Sexy. Classy. Sassy. Cool.

Believe it or not, it’s not always the clothes you wear or your hair style or that great pair of pumps you just bought which make you feel confident, it’s what you were under your clothes that makes all the difference.

 There’s a big reason for this: the clothes you wear determine how much you value how others see you, your lingerie says how much you value how you see yourself.

 Don’t believe me? Think about the last time you were fitted for a brand new bra. You found one that you absolutely loved, paid a little more than you intended to, but the first day you wore it you felt confident and assured. It was your special secret, something pretty that only you knew about, but it made you feel amazing.

 Everything you do has an energy, the food you eat, the work you do, the clothes you wear — it all impacts our psyches in ways we don’t often realize. When we leave the house wearing stretched out bras and threadbare panties, we send the signal to our brains that isn’t so positive.

 Really ladies, you deserve better than that.

 If it wasn’t obvious by now, this is a concept that’s really close to my heart. Women who value themselves can change the world, and if lingerie can help this process, then I’m all for it. As a result of this idea, I have been doing quite a bit of research in finding the best lingerie desingers all over the world. I’ve discovered a whole new world of luxe intimates and let’s just say and I’m becoming a little obsessed.

With every new day,  I’m discovering so many things that I’m interested in knowing and talking about and I can’t wait to share it ALL with you.  As I gear up for the launch of my new lingerie ecommerce site I will slowing be introducing lingerie designers that I have come to love and obsess over. The new blog will be focused more on fashion and lingerie, while this blog will continue to continue to talk about all things boudoir.  As usual, I’m just a busy bee buzzing round looking for the sweetest things in life.


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Boudoir Tips : How to get found

May 21, 2014


Boudoir Tips : How to get found

 Using a Blog to Increase Sales and Exposure for Your Boudoir Photography Business

 1.Why a Blog is Crucial

 There are no magic wands, no hidden tricks, and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success, but with time, energy, and determination you can get there.– Darren Rowse

 Want a successful photography business and to increase your sales? You need to get your name out there, you need to gain exposure. You also need to realize that we live in a world where many people’s lives are conducted primarily online, and in order to meet them where they are, you need to set up a blog.

 A blog exists a connection between you and your potential clientele, as it is the human element that allows you to express your unique skill set and personality to those people you won’t necessarily meet in everyday life. It’s the digital version of cloning yourself, so you can reach more people faster and more effectively. When you blog, you need to blog intentionally, paying attention to style and theme, so that you’re representing your brand appropriately. It won’t be all serious, and it won’t be all casual. Finding the balance between the two is what will appeal to your readers, so that, in a way, you become a “real”person to them.

 2. What to Talk About

 Good content should be at the heart of your strategy, but it is equally important to keep the display context of that content in mind as well.– Tim Frick

  • What to Wear

 One of the FAQ’s of Boudoir Photography is “what should I wear?”Writing a blog about how to dress and prepare for the session not only saves you time because you won’t have to be constantly repeating yourself, but makes it more accessible to your clients.

  • What Clients Are Saying

 Self-promote! Write client features and talk about these experiences. After you finish sessions, ask your clients to say a few words and then write about it in the blog. One of the best marketing tools are the references of others who have already been through the process.

  • Albums and Wall Portraits

Don’t hesitate to talk about the technical aspects of your job, especially if you specialize in high-quality print presentation, what you offer helps you stand out from the crowd.

  • Hidden Nooks

 What are the special gifts that only you have? What makes you unique amongst other photographers? Avoid outright bragging, but certainly talk about it. Being too humble won’t ever serve you well in such a competitive field.

  • What to Look for in a Photographer

 Consider yourself an expert on the matter. When people search google for “what to look for in a photographer,”you want them to show up at your page. Blogging about what makes a good photographer in general, and then fulfilling those requirements yourself, will be a major selling point for your business.

3. How Often to Post on Your Blog

 Doing well with blogging is not about writing one key post, it is about performing day after day and helping a few people at a time. -Aaron Wall

 This is really up to you, but 2-3 times per week at least (more if you can spare the time) is optimal for search engine optimization and site exposure. It doesn’t have to be feature length articles, just a couple hundred words, but the more content you have, the higher traffic you’ll get to your site.

 4. How to Set Up a Blog

 Remarkable social media content and great sales copy are pretty much the same plain spoken words designed to focus on the needs of the reader, listener, or viewer. – Brian Clark

If you have not built a blog yet and it’s something that’s been on you to do list for as long as you can remember, here you go, 4 easy steps to get your blog on it’s way! I know it can be overwhelming, and there are so many things you don’t know, but the only way to start, is to DO IT!! The rest will fall in place over time. My blog has come together over a period of YEARS, and I really had to let go of perfect or I would have never put it out there. I’m not sure it will ever be perfect. I’m actually in the middle of a redesign now. Stay tuned. The design is finally done and I should be up and going in a couple weeks.

Here are 4 easy step to get your blog started

1. Choose you domain name

This is important! Instead of having something like: or,  you will  have:

Free blogs can setup on and, but if you’re planning to be a successful and professional looking long-term blogger, then you might as well start on a self-hosted site.

If you have not done this yet, I recommend grabbing a domain and a web hosting service from a provider like Bluehost.

1. click on get started now

2. pick your domain name or click already have domain name

3. enter in your account and billing info

4. choose your hosting package

2. Install a wordpress 

1. Log into your Bluehost account and in the home section you will see a little icon that say install worpress. Click install wordpress.

2. Once you have installed wordpress, go to your site, so type in whatever site you choose in the browser and a generic wordpress them with come up. Click log in.

3. Once you are logged in go down to appearance on the left and click on themes. Pick a theme you fancy. There are many lovely free ones and you can get paid ones for a minimal charge.

4. once you have chosen a theme you can start blogging. Just click Post and Add New

3. Update the Favicon For Your Website

The little 16×16 icon that appears next to your web address at the top your browser id Favicon. It can also show up next to the tabs or in the bookmarks section too.

Spend 5 minutes to update your favicon, and it can be a small detail that makes an impact and does not scream “Newbie”

To update your favicon, you’ll need to place a 16×16 pixel icon (named favicon.ico) into your website’s root folder. For WordPress users, that’s directly into your public_html folder. You can create a picture file in Photoshop and simply rename it to favicon.ico, or create one yourself on a website such as

4. Format your blog post

Many people fail to format their blog posts to make it easier for the reader. The posts are lacking headings, subheadings,  lists, white space, pictures, bold keywords, italics, charts, diagrams, and even links! Go to some of your favorite blogs and take notes on how they format their blog. Make your blog fun read and easy to consume. People will spend much more time on your blog if you do that. This is only something I’ve recently really tried to implement and I’m getting better at it everyday! Here’s a great article from problogger that really helped me.

I hope this helps get you on your way! Blogging is a journey worth discovering. You never know what can come of it and you just might love it. Over the last 6 months I have discovered so many things about myself and this boudoir blog has really given me a platform to connect with all of you and share my knowledge. It is just the beginning! Please feel free to share and let me know anything you want to know! I love hearing from my readers!



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Boudoir State of Mind: Wild and Free

May 16, 2014

Boudoir State of Mind: Just let me be wild and free

 It’s FRIDAY! How are you going to spend your weekend?

 Living in Los Angeles is like being a part of a permanent weekend. There’s always something fun and exciting going on, always a reason to put on a new dress and heels and hit the town. The weather is warm, never a cloud in the sky, and the nights are brimming with endless opportunities.

 It’s time to get out of our heads, let go, be wild and be free for a while and just enjoy it.

Our world today is fast paced and neurotic. People work harder and for longer hours than they ever have before, and it’s wreaking havoc on their bodies and their mental health. It seems as a society we’ve become professional worriers, and the best medicine is really just to slow down and relax. I say this to remind myself as well. If you are anything like me, there is very rare moments were I feel like i’ve done enough. It’s never enough, I always need to do more and I have to make myself relax and take the day off or else it would never happen.

 I think a lot of this mentality has to do with learning how to be present. To focus so intently on the present moment, how you’re feeling, the sounds and sights all around you, and just to enjoy it. So many of us get so worked up over the little things because of emotions attached to our past, or anxieties about our future.

 Think about it, when was the last time you felt free to just chill out, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment?

 There are so many things that are simply beyond our control, and instead of wasting our energy trying to change it, we should forget to worry, let our hair down, and just embrace this beautiful thing we call life.

 Believe it or not, you have the RIGHT to have fun and be wild. You have the right to go out for a night on the town and just have a fabulous time. Or, if you prefer, you are allowed to stay home curled up on the couch with your cat and your favorite book, and relish the beauty and the quiet. Your personal value won’t decrease if you take some time for yourself. You have the right to take time for yourself. Free your mind from the constant constraints you put on yourself.

 There’s a big difference between being “selfish” and having healthy “self-love.” I feel like this distinction is often misplaced.

 So this weekend, indulge in some frills and thrills. Call your friends and go get a coffee, sleep in until noon, go to a park and daydream, and just let yourself be in the moment, in this beautiful moment. You’ve been working too hard. You deserve a breather.

So take the chains off or maybe put the chains on, whatever you do, let go a little and have a great weekend!

Hey there readers, we’d love to hear from you! If you’ve got a great idea, something you do that helps you de-stress and unwind at the end of a long week (especially if you’re in the LA. area) let us know below in the comments section!


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