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Friday Feature – The Lovely Lisa !

January 31, 2014

This amazing women found me on twitter and flew from Connecticut to come and shoot with me. Amazing right!!! From the moment I spoke with her I knew this was going to be an incredible shoot. She trusted me completely and gave me creative power to give her the best experience in my power.

The day flew by way too quick! We played dress up with some seriously beautiful artfully picked pieces of lingerie, we drank, and we laughed all day. It was a perfect day. By the end of the shoot I felt as though we were old pals and she would be a forever client. She flew in the day before, stayed at Bel Air Hotel and took a car to the shoot, and flew out right after we were done. My kind of woman! She did all of that just because she knew I was the best boudoir photographer and she had to shoot with me.

This was truly moving for me (aha moment) and I feel so blessed to know that my work is recognized and respected for my clients to fly across the country to shoot with me. Thank you Lisa for inspiring me and thank you for celebrating your 50 wise years in my studio. You are  such a BEAUTIFUL woman inside and out and you really took 50 for me to whole new level!

1. Why did you decide book a boudoir session?

I wanted to do something unique, empowering and fun to mark my 50th birthday, that was completely “all about me” and celebrates how I’ve taken great care of myself.  A boudoir session was so much more intimate and meaningful than just taking a trip to a tropical island, or having a party. For me, it wasn’t just having beautiful photographs to preserve this moment in time, but also the experience of having felt as special and pampered as a celebrity. Also, I loved the added occasion to shop for some special lingerie, shoes, and jewelry that can be enjoyed not only for the photo session, but always.  The session was entirely for myself, although many book them for their special someone as a gift, which made it so perfect for a milestone birthday.

2. What’s your favorite part about yourself?

My soul, my heart, my mind, my eyes and lately, my legs. In that order!

3. What inspires you?

I am inspired by anyone or anything that transforms the ordinary, negative or mundane into something extraordinary, worthwhile or innovative.  Upbeat music, people that buck trends, those that rise above their adversity, to name a few others.

4. What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done?

I have left “toxic” people and situations behind, more than once, to completely start over in a different country or corner of the US in order to maintain a positive outlook on life. I did what I needed to do and have no regrets.

5. How will you use the pictures from your boudoir session?

A huge framed print of my legs hangs in my personal office reminding me everyday that I don’t need to be young, wealthy or famous to be fabulous. The album of my 20 favorite photos is an intimate gift and testament to my authentic self…. intended just for me!

6. If you could say one thing to your younger self, what would it be?

“Trust your intuition, it’ll all end up alright”!

7. How have you grown in the past year?

In the recent past, it was mostly about physical appearance… taking better care of my body with jogging, strength exercises and purifying my diet.  This year it’s more spiritual… knowing and doing what’s best for me and honoring myself no matter how unpopular or boring those choices might appear to others.  Learning to be more non-judgmental and love unconditionally is often difficult but very rewarding.  I plan to begin college classes this fall at age 50, and I am less apprehensive about trying new things or leaving my comfort zone once in a while.

8. What’s some words of wisdom you might have for other women?

It’s very important to establish your own identity even if you get married. It’s pretty much a necessity to have a space in your home, no matter how small, which is exclusively yours in which to rest/meditate/do what gives you joy/retreat to/re-charge.  It’s so important to put yourself first, and not at all selfish, because you’re most valuable to the world when you’re at your best.  It’s never too late to start an exercise program. Don’t ever, ever, ever let someone tell you that you cannot achieve something. It’s normal and acceptable to have imperfections… celebrate your positive attributes!

9. What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

I love shopping, especially when I could be doing something else. But the end result is usually elevating, as long as it’s not out of control. It’s good to spoil yourself not just once in a while, but often, and it doesn’t have to be by purchasing anything.  Just a luxurious bubble bath or romantic walk by yourself in the snow can have the same effect.

10. Will you recommend the boudoir experience to other women?

Most definitely!  I think that every woman deserves to experience the pampering and feeling of empowerment that is usually only reserved for celebrities or models.

11. What would you like to change about the world?

I would like to see an end to abuse of all forms; domestic, child, animal, etc. Also, to give not-so-nice people the realization that there are better ways to spend their energy, and there is enough abundance to go around for everyone… that they can create personal abundance or growth without committing crimes or doing harm to others. I would love to change negative views on aging… especially the way that aging women view themselves.  I want aging women to realize it’s ok to keep looking and feeling sexy and to keep doing things they’ve always enjoyed and more!

fine art boudoir

fine art boudoir fine art boudoir fine art boudoir fine art boudoir

Boudoir Photography Tips: What Questions to Ask Your Client

January 31, 2014


 You’ve probably heard it said that the success of the end result depends on one of two things: blind luck or excellent preparation. But when it comes to business, it’s never a good idea to leave anything to chance. Besides, “luck” is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. So, instead of winging it, begin to prepare for the upcoming from the first phone call from your client. How? By asking the right questions, like the three listed below. And keep in mind that the wording is general because the concepts are more important, leaving you room to adjust the phrasing to suit your personal style. A call sheet with all your questions next to you will help keep you on track.

What do you love most about your body?

All of us ladies just love to be the center of attention sometimes. Some of us may be bashful or seem uncertain, but secretly, whenever someone transfers the focus to us, even for a moment, it makes us feel so special. As a Boudoir Photographer, your job is to make your clients feel special, and this will certainly do just that. And don’t let them stop at just one thing, ask them “what else?” and gain more insight into her personality, and possibly what to focus on during the session.

Why did you decide to book a Boudoir session?

Finding out your client’s motivation for booking a Boudoir session is essential, because it will help you structure the shoot in a way that meets her needs. If it’s for someone else, you’ll have to find out who and help her tailor the shoot for this personal gift. But although this is the most common reason for Boudoir shoots, it’s certainly not the only one. You won’t know unless you ask.

Do you want your images to remain private?

This is serious business. Although some women won’t mind you sharing images from the shoot in your professional portfolio, some definitely will mind. Find this out well beforehand, and let your clients know that it will cost more to keep the images a secret, because your photos are your art, and it’s difficult finding more clients if you can’t show them photographs.

Who do you find sexy?

I love this one! It says a lot about woman by she reveres. You get a feeling for what they find beautiful and some insight to how to photograph them. I usually build a mood and vision board around who they say. This also really inspires me to create something unique for each of my clients. There are many more questions that you can ask your clients to help you prepare for the upcoming session, but these are sure to help you get started.

Have a photography tip, comment, or question?

Don’t hesitate to leave us a note in the comments below!

Harnessing the power of the moon

January 29, 2014

mood goddess

The power of the moon is more powerful than you might think.

Have you ever stopped to look up at the moon and suddenly became mesmerized by the beauty of it?

It’s an extraordinary thing, the moon. But did you know that the phases can have an impact on your mood?

Although not an exact science, studies have shown that the phases of the moon can have an impact on our well-being, our energy, and our self-confidence.

Sound crazy? Well, believe it or not human beings used to not tell time by calendars or order their days with the help of electricity. We used things like the sun, the moon, and the stars to help us create a sense of order and importance, to help us create balance. Also, the moon has a direct impact over bodies of water, and although the influence is slight, this counts for human beings as well – because we are 70% water!

The Lunar Effect The moon moves in a continuous orbit around the earth, making a full cycle approximately once a month.

During this length of time it goes through several phases from new to full and back again.

Each phase brings with it it’s own set of possibilities, making some things easier to do than at other times of the month.

The New Moon provides a spirit of fresh beginnings and calmness. During this period, the sky is dark and the moon is not visible in the sky, allowing for the brightest viewing of stars. The new moon is also the time when we are at our strongest, our most confident.

The balance created by the calmness gives us the strength we need to begin new projects and take risks we normally would be afraid to take. This feeling extends into the arrival of the slight crescent moon in the first quarter of the monthly cycle. The waxing Half Moon has a tendency to slow down progress, helping us begin to conclude projects we’ve been working on.

The Full Moon, notorious for causing a sense of craziness and insomnia, is actually the creative peak of the cycle when collective energy is at its highest and we feel alternately stressed to the max or gloriously accomplished. It can also give us the final jolt of productivity we need to finish those tasks we started during the new moon.

The waning Half Moon, which takes place in the latter half of the cycle, is a sleepier time, one which exists to restore the body and makes typically boring or tedious tasks possible. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time meditating or cleaning out your closets, readying your home and your mind for the next new moon.

In our weird society we find it so easy to forget the pull of nature and just go-go-go no matter what our instincts tell us. The lights are on, we should be too right! Not necessarily. It is the acceptance of our relationship to the earth and to these celestial bodies that will make us more contented and more productive, not our resistance.

The next new moon begins on Friday, January 30th, the beginning of the best time to not only book a boudoir session (just in time for Valentine’s Day), but to take on a new project you’ve been putting off for some time.


The Art of complimenting

January 28, 2014

boudoir tips_complimenting clients

Boudoir Photography Tip of the Week: The Art of Complimenting

“There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments.” – Chris Rock


It’s no secret that women tend to battle a great many insecurities. Even the strongest and boldest of us will sometimes have to lock ourselves in the bathroom and cry about something someone said. And although we may deny it, and act modest or refute the statement whenever someone says something nice to us or about us, more times than not it makes our day, and brightens us up on the inside.

Yet, it always amazes me how some photographers still talk to women, or don’t talk to them when they are photographing them. It seems to me the most obvious of things that, if you wanted to take the best photographs, you should, you know, coax your subject so that she is relaxed and happy.

What a concept!

But sadly, this is not common knowledge, and the art of complimenting has been lost in the shuffle of better lenses and broader portfolios. So I’m going to give you some tips to help you integrate this long lost skill into your Boudoir sessions.

1. If You Don’t Say It, She May Not Know It

 Does she have fierce eyes? Great legs? Muscular arms? What is it about her that makes her uniquely stunning? Find something and tell her about it. Not only will this make her glow, but she’ll be more inclined flaunt that part, and you’ll have better photographs.

2. The Camera Loves Her!

 Alright, this one’s a bit cliché, but so few women get the chance to be a glamorous model, and bringing that element into the shoot will make her feel so much more sexy. You want to pull out her sultry side, and if she gets into the moment, convinced that she is the star of some super sexy photographs, she will give you that little extra that she would be too afraid to show otherwise.

3. Be Genuine

This ties into number 1. If you’re being inauthentic just to get a response, she’ll definitely know about it. So don’t fake it, acquire the art of appreciation, and it’s really not that hard.

XX, Marisa

Boudoir State of Mind – Stir Up the Romance

January 24, 2014

Featured on Huffpost

The more buttons you undo, the more I become undone. – Michael Faudet


 What happened to the times when lingering glances and subtle touches were enough to excite us? When did the spark of passion become intermingled with the mundane, to the point where love becomes drudgery, more boring and predictable than it ever should be?

For many of us, this is our reality. We escape into the world of old movies and romance novels hoping to grasp onto the emotion and the drama of relationships that we crave, and never experience it for ourselves in our own lives.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why this is? Why you can’t have the relationship that you fantasize about? Many times it’s because we feel we don’t deserve it, but this is one of the greatest lies we could ever tell ourselves. Every girl deserves her own unique romance.

Contrary to what many romance novels will tell you, they won’t all take the same form, or have the same level of adventure, but the one thing that it should do is enervate you, strengthen you, challenge you to become your highest self. Of course, you don’t need to have another person be the spark that lights you fire, but at the same time you shouldn’t subjugate yourself to someone who takes away from that fire. If you’re going to have someone, have someone that lifts you up, instead of holding onto someone who brings you down.

So whether you’re currently in a relationship that has slipped into tedium, or looking for someone to be with, don’t settle.

If you love someone, and want to see your relationship become exciting again, stir up the romance, do something out of the ordinary to make it exciting. Chances are, they’ve just been scared too. If you’re single, don’t just go for the first guy that comes your way. Become strong on your own, feed your own inner flame, and the right person will be attracted to the light, and help ignite the fire. Your dreams can become reality if you believe in them, but first, you have to believe in yourself, that you’re worthy of them.

That will make all the difference.



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