Month: December, 2013

Today Boudoir is| Knowing sometimes being naughty can be quite nice

December 19, 2013

Give him a taste of your naughty side

Have you ever spent a long amount of time away from your special someone? I’m not talking about a girl’s night or a weekend out of town on business.

I’m talking about weeks that drag into months. For some people, these months even turn into years.

You might wonder how long-distance relationships keep that so-called “fire” burning across endless miles and, sometimes, separate lives.

Although a certain level of commitment on both sides surely takes most of the credit, there is a lot to be said for creative flirting.

From sending sweet texts or sharing silly pictures on Facebook to Skype dates that last for hours, technology has provided countless ways to connect to your lover whether you’re in the same room or not.


Distance, however, doesn’t have to be the only catalyst for creativity in your relationship, because Boudoir is all about keeping it sexy every day.

To get his (and maybe your) juices flowing, try sending a sultry text like, “I miss you in a special way,” an hour or two before getting home from work.

If you find yourself in a department store with some time on your hands, try on something new and send your honey a picture.

He might see your face every day, but to see it unexpectedly immediately excites him.

On the phone you can talk about your body in relation to his. A simple, “I want to touch you,” will get his imagination headed in exactly the direction you want it to. If you’re really the creative type, making a sensory friendly meal or gift may be just the thing to turn you both on.

The state of being ‘Boudoir’ is believing that your desires and motivations can influence another person.

It’s a way of saying that you know what you want and that you have the ability to take action to get it.

If you’re ever stuck for ideas with what to do to grab his attention, don’t underestimate the power of just saying, “I want it,” straight up.

To him, your moments of naughty are as nice as they come.


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Today boudoir is | taking care of the skin your in

December 19, 2013

How to Have Healthier Skin (And Look Even Better in Boudoir Portraits!)

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body, are you taking care of it properly?

What it comes down to is this: your skin is your natural protection from a hostile environment full of infection and unsavory substances. It holds you together, creates the wrapping that encompasses glorious you.

The more you will take care of it, the more it will take care of you.

(Plus, healthy glowing skin will make you look that much better in your upcoming Boudoir portraits.)

Here’s some tips to keep your skin healthy:

1.Drink Plenty of Water

It’s wintertime, and because it’s more cold and dry, many of us will just forget to drink any water at all, and dehydration will have a very negative impact on your skin.

Carry a bottle of water around with you and drink it throughout the day to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

2.Go Light on the Makeup

Many of us spread the concealer on thick to cover up the skin that’s not so glowing, but those extra layers are a huge part of the problem.

Not only does your skin need to breathe in order to be healthy, but when you scrub off all that stuff at the end of the day, you’re removing the essential oils your skin produces naturally to fight bacteria as well.

 3. Sunscreen

Here in Los Angeles, there is definitely no shortage of sunshine, and we all love a day at the beach. But if you love your skin, remember to put on sunscreen. It will, at the very least, prevent premature wrinkles, and might even save you from skin cancer.

Take the time to love the skin you’re in, literally. You’ll never regret it.


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Tuesday Boudoir Tips | The art of telling a story

December 17, 2013

Boudoir is About Telling Stories


Sometimes a single photo tells a complete story. But the content of one photo is rarely as telling as a series of cleverly crafted images, images that when put together, form an entire picture.

This is why the best Boudoir Photography encompasses so much more than mere portraiture.

Instead, Boudoir is about telling a complete story through your images, and coming to this understanding will help you begin to see each session in a whole new light.

What story do the pictures tell? The pictures tell the story of your subject.

It gives the viewer a glimpse of her personality, shows them the elegant details of her body, casts some insight into the person she is away from the stress and frustrations of daily living.

It’s personal, and as a result, so very compelling.

Boudoir tells a story of intimacy, traces the delicate curves of a woman, and features her with grace and poise.

Also, since every woman is different, no two Boudoir stories will ever be exactly the same.

As a photographer, it’s your job to get to the heart of your subject’s uniqueness, and craft a story around her that shows off just how exquisite she is.

Because she is.


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Monday Muse | Julia Margaret Cameron

December 16, 2013

 Julia Margaret Cameron

“I longed to arrest the beauty that came before me and at length the longing has been satisfied.” – Julia Margaret Cameron


One of the most beautiful and uncanny elements about Boudoir Photography is the ability of the photographer to capture subjects in their most intimate and honest of capacities. We aim to go beyond the typical everyday sights, to remove the masks people wear, and get to the soul of a woman in a way that’s not normally seen.

Julia Margaret Cameron, a British photographer who lived during the early twentieth century, was not a Boudoir Photographer. Yet, she was able to create intimate portraits of women in a way that seemed to capture the essence of their very souls. Given her first camera at the age of 48, she spent the next 11 years traveling the UK, creating beautiful portraits of people, portraits the world wouldn’t celebrate until long after Cameron had lived.

One of the most iconic aspects of her work was in the faraway looks of her subjects, their dreamy figures, illuminated by strategically placed soft-lighting, are reminiscent of the painted portraits of old – figures which have perpetually inspired onlookers with their grace and subtle invitation to draw closer, to wonder about the mysterious women portrayed. Unknowingly, she set the stage of creative portraiture which would eventually inspire the decadent sub-genre that is now known as Boudoir.

Although unappreciated during Cameron’s lifetime, her work has inspired many photographers since, including the illustrious

Imogen Cunningham, and is now considered some of the finest in the early history of photography, and deservingly so.



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Today boudoir is | Pretty in pink under the sheets

December 13, 2013

Why You Should Stay in This Weekend

 I will say this right now. I am not introverted.

When I was younger I thought maybe I should give it a try.

Stay in on a Friday night, make some tea, and watch Pretty in Pink – just to have some R&R and take care of me for once.

Weeks passed, I ignored my idea, until I eventually made a deal with myself.

I unplugged the phone (Marisa you wouldn’t!), and…stayed home. (cue shocked expressions).

All kidding aside, I did try this experiment only to find out that I actually liked it.

It was nice to tune out to everything and give my mind a break.

Of course I went out the next night, but for the rest of my life I’ve set aside one night a week just for me.

You’re Worth It

Even in Los Angeles, where it’s warm and sunny, the Christmas spirit overwhelms you.

It permeates every store window and every street, every person is either excessively cheery or a bit piqued at the cheeriness of others. ‘Tis the season! There will be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and caroling out in the…sand.

It’s so easy to get swept up by all of the noise and “excitement.”

You will share eggnog with co-workers and friends, in-laws and extended family members and Great

Aunt Bertha who perpetually smells of yogurt. You will wrap a hundred presents and hear the same

Burl Ives song ten thousand times. It’s inevitable, it will happen, but there’s no need to rush things.

So this weekend, this middle of December weekend, stay inside for a night.

Get out your coziest bunny slippers and your luxurious snuggie, cuddle up in front of the TV with a cup of a delicious warm beverage, and just relax.

The next two weeks are going to filled to the max with things things things, so take time for you in this few spare moments that you can.

The more you take care of you, the more you can give to others!

Why? Because you’re worth it.

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