Month: October, 2013

Frill and Thrills Thursday

October 24, 2013

“Come Hither” – Flirting Tips for Women

 “What am I going to do with you?”

“I have suggestions, but this might not be the place for them.”  ― Lora Leigh, Forbidden Pleasure


Don’t ever let anyone lie to you. As a woman, when it comes to relationships, you are the one in charge.

Our culture may try to tell you that you have to wait for a man to make the first move, you have to let him pursue, you have to give him room to take charge. This is the old way.

You’re not a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by your knight in shining armor.

You are strong and you are sexy. Flaunt it.

Let him catch you looking, fight the urge to be bashful.

When most of us check out a guy, we immediately look away if we think we’ve been caught. If he catches you, flash him a smile and hold his gaze for a moment before looking away. If he’s interested, he’ll smile too.

Make him feel like the only person in the room.

In an age where listening is a lost art, when you’re talking to him really listen.

The best way to show that you’re interested? Be interested.

Use your body. When it comes to flirting, nonverbals are more important than verbals.

Sultry glances, finding excuses to touch him, positioning your body towards him, and holding your head high and shoulders back (the universal sign of confidence) will send all the right signals.

 Practice. it makes perfect.

Go get him tiger!




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Enlightenment Wednesday: Staying Centered

October 24, 2013

“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the

whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.” – K.T. Jong


 Here’s a fun fact : Did you know that your heart sends more information to the brain that the brain does to any part of your body.

Your heart is your center, the connection to everything, and you should listen to what it has to say.

So often we get bogged down with all the stuff of life.

Bills, relationships, and work stress us out, and we spend so much time trying to keep our heads above water that we neglect the one thing that’s capable of making it better: ourselves.

But Marisa, you need to work more, you didn’t send those emails yet, you haven’t worked 12 hours today, You don’t deserve time off yet.

I don’t have time to take care of myself! Then something eventually screams inside me, trust me, you don’t have time to not take care of yourself.

Each person is gifted with a small inner voice.

It has been called many things by many different people: i.e. the goddess, the Holy Spirit, the subconscious mind – but no matter what you call it, it is there, and exists to make your life easier.

The thing about this small voice however is that the noise of life will often block it out so that we can’t hear it.

In order to access our inner voice, we have to set aside time so that it can speak to us.

Take a bath, read a book, drink some wine, take you dog on a long walk, be more present.

Do things that make you happy and give you peace. When you do what you love, you connect with everything you are.

Wisdom comes to us in silence, so make some time to be quiet and listen.

You might be surprised by what it has to say.

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Boudoir Tip of the Week

October 22, 2013

Making the Most of Your Environment

Sometimes you just have to work without a studio. You don’t have absolute control of an environment and you’ll have to make snap judgments.

Many Boudoir photographers don’t have their clients come to them, and instead go to their clients, often having to work in badly lit or uninspiring spaces.

Their success depends entirely on making the most of it.

The Boudoir Environment Kit

Believe it or not, you can convert any space into a beautiful boudoir with just a bit of love.

The trick is to deemphasize clutter and background noise so that the focus will be on your subject.

It doesn’t hurt to bring some emergency supplies with you either.

For instance, in addition to your  lights and softbox (never assume the space will have sufficient light), you might want to consider bringing lovely rugs, curtains, backdrops, and a blow up mattress, just to make the space both more elegant and more flexible.

Lighting Tips to Remember

If natural light is available, make the most of it.

Positioning your subject close to the window will ensure they are softly lit, which will flatter their features and even out skin tone.

Their positioning will depend on the quality of light and the time of day.

A bright sunny day will wash out their features if they’re too close to the window, and an overcast day won’t light them sufficiently if they’re too far away.

Another quick tip to consider for creative shots is the proper use of backlighting.

Unless your purposely trying to create a silhouette of your subject, you will need to position a softbox opposite the window or up your ISO to ensure that your subject is sufficiently lit. The effect your trying to create is that of s subtle glow, one that’s light and sensual.

Backlighting is also an excellent technique to use for curvaceous women, because it softens potential problem areas and highlights the beautiful ones.


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Inspiring Woman of the week – Sarah Moon

October 21, 2013

“I photograph privilege, illusion, evanescence, likeness, and beauty.

Then I seek for an emotion, and it seems an even more hopeless quest.” – Sarah Moon


Meditations on passion, meditations on beauty – these are the words which best describe the ethereal work of Parisian photographer Sarah Moon.

Her ability to create fairy tale worlds and tell unique stories through her images have been captivating audiences for decades, and inspiring me since I was very young.

Sarah Moon wasn’t always a photographer.

In school she studied drawing and modeled part time for extra money for renowned photographers like Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton Through these experiences, she fell in love with photography, and would go on to create thousands of fine art images throughout her lifetime.

She followed her bliss and never turned back.

In a world where so many things seem temporary and superficial, Sarah Moon reminds us the importance of intentionality, of taking time to plan and build and create things that will last for generations.

She knew that we craft the future for those that follow us, and the stories we tell with our work and our lives are what will be remembered.

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Boudoir Parties – The new empowering way to celebrate

October 19, 2013

Featured this week on HuffPost Weddings 

Why Boudoir Parties Are Empowering

You know that rush you get after working out, or that uplifting feeling you get after you’ve been asked out by that guy you haven’t been able to stop thinking about? That’s your brain processing happiness, releasing magic stuff called endorphins.

It fills you full of positivity, and for a while you feel invincible, unstoppable.

But you know what is more potent than a full body power workout and more long-lasting than the mood boost from a hot date? Friendship.

Surrounding yourself with positive friends is scientifically proven to improve brain and physical health, will keep you younger for longer, and more importantly, bring you joy when you need it.

So what happens when you combine friendship with boudoir photography? It’s no secret that a great boudoir session is empowering.

Any woman, after spending hours being pampered by celebrity makeup and hairstylists and photographed by a world class boudoir photographer, will be transformed by the experience, and she’ll leave feeling more confident than she’s felt in a long time.

If her friends are there too, that feeling will amplify, everyone will feel confident and sexy, and will have the time of their lives.

What Happens at a Boudoir Party

Over the last few years, private boudoir parties have become an incredibly popular option for birthdays, milestone celebrations, hen nights, and bachelorette parties.

Ladies who would have been content to go out for dinner and drinks on these special days have become bored with the tradition and instead are shedding their clothes as a group to celebrate life and beauty.

What happens at these sessions involves more than just sexy lingerie and sultry poses, however, they really are a full party.

Some of the more upscale ones include celebrity make up artists and hairstylists, caterers, cocktail bars, high-energy DJ’s, mani/pedis, and just about anything else clients can dream up. Ultimately, the entire experience exists to make every woman feel so glamorous that she’ll glow.

 Do Group Boudoir Sessions Mean Group Photos?

One of the biggest misconceptions about what happens at private boudoir parties is that you’ll all pose naked together as a group (like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and Tatjana Patitz did in

their iconic 1980s group photo by Herb Ritts called The Nude.).

The truth is, boudoir parties are customized, so if you want to pose together you can, but you don’t have to, you can do whatever you want.

The whole point is to spend some time with your best friends having fun, and celebrate the unique beauty of each person by capturing it on camera.

Most sessions involve individual photoshoots with each participant in the midst of pampering, dancing, snacking and having a wonderful time.

Fabulous group photos are just one of the options.

So whether you’re celebrating your 40th birthday party, getting married, or just looking for a way to spend some time with your best girl friends and have a crazy sexy cool experience, a private boudoir party just might be the perfect idea for you.

It’ll give you the opportunity to have fun in a new way, gain confidence, and create a timeless record of beauty that you will cherish forever.

To book your boudoir party or learn more, please visit or call (213 440 0798 )  or email us at for a consultation today.


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