Month: September, 2013

Inspiring WOW (Woman of the Week) – Elizabeth Gilbert

September 30, 2013

“I’m choosing happiness over suffering, I know I am.

I’m making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises.”

Elizabeth Gilbert


 Whether you’ve read the astonishing book Eat, Pray, Love or not, it’s likely that you’ve heard the name Elizabeth Gilbert sometime in the last few years. This prolific author, motivational speaker, and all around incredible woman has made a wonderful impact on the lives of people all over the world.

Through her words, whether spoken or written, she has inspired individuals to live authentically, to honor themselves, and to chase their dreams no matter what they may be.

The thing that amazes me most about Liz Glbert is her unabashed honesty.

She will tell anyone and everyone her story, all the good parts and the bad, without shame.

It seems that through her journey she has come to a place of peace where she can say, “Here I am, you can accept me or you cannot, and that’s ok.” As women, it is often so difficult to accept others as they are, but even more difficult sometimes is the ability to accept ourselves. We often feel like we are undeserving of love, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I encourage you today to follow Liz Gilbert’s example:

honor yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, because you absolutely deserve it.

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How a Great Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Mood

September 27, 2013

          “For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.”

― Seo Min Hyun


 Wash that look of shock and disbelief off your face, because SCIENCE has proven this fact to be true.

According to Sociology of Style maven Helen Fisher, our footwear affects our posture, and our posture directly affects the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

 Therefore, your shoes can change your mood.

(Just ask Cinderella. A great pair of shoes changed her entire life!)

 So whether you’re on the way to the Royal Ball, an important meeting, or a nerve-inspiring first date, if you need a boost of confidence or a pick me up, your best bet is to change your shoes.

 I’m not implying that if you’re a girl who feels comfy in flats that you’re going to immediately feel confident while wobbling around in super high heels. Not at all.

Great shoes come in all shapes and sizes, and finding a truly great pair can give you that extra “lift” whether they are stilettos, pumps, or ballet flats.

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Boudoir – Wedding Photography Unveiled

September 26, 2013

Posted earlier this month in the HufingtonPost

Boudoir photography has been heating up the wedding scene for the past few years — and for good reason.

When done right, the shots are the perfect mix of sensuality and simplicity.

This “spicy sweet” aesthetic is indicative of its 18th century French roots — where boudoir referred to a woman’s private dressing and bathing room.

Three centuries later, something that was once so private is emerging as a mainstream art. And in many ways, the concept of privacy remains intact.

That’s the charm of boudoir photography. After a photo shoot, many brides only share the photos with their future spouse as a wedding gift. It becomes a beautiful, sexy secret between lovers.

Taboo Takes Off

I added boudoir shoots to my list of photography offerings when I first spotted the trend years ago.

In two short years, the trend has become a staple because brides let their circle of friends know about their photo shoots.

Many people who previously thought of boudoir photos as taboo are convinced otherwise once they see the elegance that’s captured in each shot. It’s a paradigm shift. They realize it’s not just racy pictures. It’s art.

Not Just a Wedding Trend

Brides-to-be aren’t the only ones interested in boudoir photography.

I’ve also encountered many women who use the photos as an ode to all their bodies have done for them, or who simply want to be empowered during a new phase in life. In fact, one client traveled from Illinois to have her “pre-baby body” captured before she got pregnant.

Another client was a military wife who underwent 20 surgeries after a devastating accident.

She wanted to surprise her husband with the photos after he came home from Afghanistan.

It’s stories like these that make me passionate about bringing real women in front of my lens — the mothers, the models, the twenty-somethings, the sixty-somethings, the survivors, the teachers, the dreamers, the doers, the heroes.

Bold. Confident. Beautiful.

Every woman is a photo waiting to happen — a star waiting to be discovered.

The right kinds of photos are worlds apart from the tawdry shots that have popped up throughout the mainstream boudoir photography scene.

That’s really where the negative connotation lies.

I often find myself using the term, ‘editorial intimates’ for my work because there are too many imposters out there.

A true boudoir session is very collaborative, and results in magazine- and museum-quality work.


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50 Shades of Gorgeous

September 26, 2013

My new Article just posted in the Huffington Post

The Art of Boudoir and the Beauty of Women

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?” – Marianne Williamson


Why We Love 50 Shades of Grey

We’ve all read it. Some of us are ashamed to admit it, but it’s true, we’ve read the first, second, and third books from cover to cover.

Why? Because it’s delightful? Well, yes. But there’s a bit more to it than that.

In between the tantalizing sex scenes and painfully wonderful anticipatory moments which occur in the book, there’s a theme.

This theme is often missed, skipped over because of the nature of the juicy bits, but it is there and it is important.

What is it?


Now that I’ve stated the obvious it seems like a no-brainer, right? Well not exactly.

The passion I’m talking about is not the kind that occurs in the bedroom, but the kind that inherently exists in the soul of a woman who recognizes her own worth.

Each of us are beautiful. Each of us are passionate. And each of us has something to offer this world that no one else can.Ourselves.

The Truth Behind Seduction There’s a popular myth in circulation that men are the more natural seducers.

We hear the tales of of the conquests of Casanova (a gentleman who was thrown out of cities for his behavior), but are less aware of the powerful seductresses like Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, and Catherine the Great.

These were strong women who brought down empires with their womanly wiles.

Women who are often overlooked or forgotten. And why?

A beautiful woman who is confident in the bedroom is a wonderful, fearsome thing to behold, because the woman who knows her value, and the effect that she has on men, is absolutely unstoppable.

The Glory of a Woman

I’m going to let you in on a secret:

You are stunning.

Now, if you are a typical woman, the odds are that you don’t believe me. So I’ll say it again.

You are absolutely stunning.

We live in a culture that has a terrible habit of reducing women to mere objects.

The media is responsible for portraying an image of women that is unrealistic and unattainable, and, as a result, many women look negatively upon themselves. But by looking at yourself through this tainted lens you’re only getting one-side of the story, the wrong side.

Because the truth is there is no single standard of beauty to judge by. Each woman is extraordinary in her own way, and is absolutely stunning.

Boudoir Photography exists as a way to demonstrate just that.

The Art of Boudoir

Many people have a misconception about boudoir photography. They think it exists entirely for men.

This isn’t quite true, because although men can definitely enjoy and benefit from it, it exists mainly for women.

A boudoir session is designed to help you to become more comfortable in your own skin.

First, you’re treated to professional makeup artists, hair stylists, and set designers who make you feel like you’re the most important woman on earth. Then, after a short time of being in front of the camera, you’ll begin to relax and feel more confident, shaking off your self-consciousness and embracing the inner power that is yours alone.

Afterwards, feeling in control and absolutely alive, you’ll leave with a spring in your step and a boldness that’s fresh and exciting.

This new vitality will begin, slowly, to effect the way you perceive yourself. And once you see your images, that old misguided lens that the world had given you, the one that had nothing but negativity to share, will evaporate.

In its place you’ll be given a new perspective.

At first you’ll look at the pictures and say, “Is that me?” because the person you see you don’t recognize immediately, because you’re not used to seeing yourself this way.

But then, after a moment, your eyes will adjust, and the person in the photograph becomes less of a stranger, and transforms into reality as you welcome the new sensation.

The sensation that this is how you truly are: unique, beautiful, and unstoppable.

So when the question comes, and you ask yourself, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous, let the second question follow.

Who are you not to be?


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How to Take a Great Selfie

September 26, 2013

 “You’ve gotta love yourself enough to look INSIDE you & not BESIDE you for your joy, confidence, & self worth.” – Mandy Hale


 You are a wonderful creature, and sometimes you just need to share that fact. When there’s no one else to take your picture, and help you show the world (or that special someone) just how good you look, you have to do it yourself. But how do you capture the moment, and take a great shot of yourself that’s worthy of sharing?

 Here are few tips:

 1. No Duck Lips

 We’ve all seen the unflattering bathroom mirror shots girls post from nightclubs or wherever they happen to be at the time, their lips curled up in a kissy face that looks makes them look like poultry.  Resist the temptation. Your face is beautiful as it is, there’s no need to distort it.

 2. Go Easy on the Flash

 A lot of camera phone default settings have flash on auto. Unless you’re in a room that’s actually dark, you don’t really need the flash. This is especially true if you’re taking a mirror shot. The flash will wash out your features, or hide you behind a blinding white light.  Your best bet is to turn the flash off auto, and keep flash usage to a minimum.

3.  Check Your Environment

 Before you take the shot, look behind you! You don’t want a pile of dirty clothes ruining your picture.  Selfie Like Nobody’s Watching  You’re by yourself, there’s no reason to make boring faces or be self-conscious. You should have fun! Take a few with different poses and choose the best one.

4. Don’t Over-Selfie

 In the world where pictures are their own form of communication, don’t oversaturate your social media contacts with pictures you’ve taken of yourself. Select and post the best ones, the ones that you’re proud of. You’ll thank yourself later!

5. Get creative. Maybe incoperate things he likes.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to hit your mark.


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