Month: July, 2013

Today boudoir is…

July 30, 2013

Knowing that sometimes less is more.

boudoir photoshoot, boudoir photography

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Lace Diaries

July 26, 2013

Fashion has always played an important role in the development and production of lace.

The portraits of early kings and queens do show us the importance first of gold and silver lace but also some of them give us excellent examples of early black lace.

 However, at that time, the world was far more interested in the magnificence of the clothes worn by nobility. Those garments were made of beautiful materials and were trimmed with jewels as well as lace.

The portraits of early kings and queens do show us the importance first of gold and silver lace but also some of them give us excellent examples of early black lace.

The romantic and traditional qualities of lace have not escaped the attention of the most creative and influential designers of the 20th Century.

As Coco Chanel wrote: “unlike many other precious objects which, owing to industrial progress, have lost much of their luxurious quality, lace, adapting itself to the economic and industrial requirements of our age, has kept its main characteristics: precious elegance, lightness and luxury”.

The sensuality of the transparencies, the sexiness of the concept of underwear and outerwear and the subversive religious connotations of lace will forever intrigue me.

bridal boudoir

bridal boudoir

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July 24, 2013

A family stand tall no matter how hard they fall
Uniting as one when their backs against the wall
That is simply what a family do
Helping you become a better you…

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Sexy Classics

July 24, 2013


boudoir photo shoot

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She’s got game

July 23, 2013

Sam is a force. She is driven, smart, funny as all hell and she’ll do just about anything. My kinda girl.

A wildly talented axtress and comedian and makes work feel like play!

Samantha Ressler check out her show Lady Parts on Hello Giggles

She's got Game

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