10 ways to have a better body image

September 29, 2014

Having a boudoir state of mind means loving yourself, loving your body and taking care of it the best you can. If you don’t take care of the engine that takes you through life than you how can you respect it and expect it to be good to you.

We have to shift the value off of what our bodies look like and more to how they feel. If you eat well, exercise regularly and focus on what you are grateful for, your body                   image and well being will only get better.

Here are 10 tips to have a better body image

1. Take a few minutes everyday to focus on what you are grateful for. Write them down and if you need to, take a peek at them a couple times a day!

2. Focus more on what you put in your body everyday. Listen to some podcast on health and wellness. Learn about your body. Nothing is more inspiring than understanding how your body works and the amazing things that can happen when you put proper fuel in it.  I have been really loving is the Shawn Stevenson podcast.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. Negative will TAKE YOU DOWN! get rid of the people in your life that don’t inspire you to be better.

4. Exercise more, make your body stronger. I took on a yoga challenge this month and getting myself into a 100 degree room when it’s 100 degrees outside has been quite the challenge, but my body feel stronger than it has in a long time. The strength I cultivate in class carries me throughout my day and gives me the focus I need to have the best day possible.

5. Treat your body with respect and kindness and remember it the vehicle that will carry out your dreams. It’s the only one you got.

6. Stop thinking than thiner people are happier. This is just ridiculous

7. Do something that helps you feel strong. It could meditating, hiking, or just something you are really good at! Do more of it!

8. Is there one thing that is contributing to your body bashing? Really take some time to evaluate what voice that could be behind your body image.

9. Do more of what you love. Are you in the career you want to be? Have you been putting your dreams on the sidelines? Take action towards creating the like you want. If you do what you love you will always be happier and confident in yourself.

10. Do something bold, something that scares you, something that takes you out of your comfort zone. These are the things that make us realize our strength our beauty and that WE ARE CAPABLE of changing the script of our lives. Maybe that’s booking a shoot with Boudoir Los Angeles.  I do know that Every women deserves a beautiful photo themselves. Getting in front of the camera can be scary, but once you do it, you’ll be happy you did. Your body is beautiful, it is strong and it deserves to be celebrated daily!

If you have anything you want to add about maintaing a positive body image please feel free to add in the comments what has worked for you!

Here are some lovely photos of a brave women I shot a few years ago. She had been in a terrible fire accident when she was a teenager. She suffered sever burns from head to toe. This was her first big step closer to being comfortable in her own skin.  She braved her beautiful scars in this boudoir shoot to gift to herself and her husband who was currently serving in Afghanistan.

boudoir los angelesboudoir los angelesboudoir los angelesboudoir los angeles

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