10 Tips to Spark Your Relationship

April 23, 2014

Boudoir State of Mind : 10 Tips to Spark Up Your Relationship

1.Be Playful

Anyone can be serious, in fact it’s easy, but only true lovers can be silly. Do things that make you laugh and have fun, things that make you look on the bright side. What was the reason you got together in the first place? It was probably because you enjoyed spending time together, it was something to look forward to. Lighten up, act like little kids, discover the world together and just delight in each other.

2. Do Special Things for One Another

When’s the last time she made you breakfast in bed? The last time he brought lunch to you at work from your favorite Thai place? When you both exchanged super de-stressing massages that made you tingle all over? How did it make you feel? loved? There you go. Simple deviations from the norm, the love note in the laptop bag, coming home to a bouquet of fresh flowers, etc. will renew feelings of amour, and make both of you feel special.

3. Try Something New

One of the worst things for a relationship is the inevitable “rut” that occurs after you’ve been together for a while. To ignite the spark that you had when the relationship was new, reintegrate some extra newness. Do something daring, whether it’s trying a new restaurant or taking a road trip. Doing things together for the first time will keep the relationship exciting.

4. Designated “Us” Time

Even if you live together (especially if you live together) having a set period of time each week where you will spend time together is imperative. You don’t have to call it “date night,” but setting aside this block of time will make sure that you’re giving each other the attention each other craves. So many other things – work, family, adult-y responsibilities – will get in the way of “us” time if you let it. Don’t let your relationship take a back seat, prioritize it, or you’ll find that you just don’t have time for it anymore.

5. Keep Personal Space a Priority

Relationships need some space to thrive, and really, some things need to remain behind closed doors.

6. Don’t Ignore Personal Growth

You remember all those things you wanted to do when you were younger, but couldn’t because of school or family or whatever? Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t do them. In fact, it’s proven that couples who pursue their own interests and hobbies individually will have more staying power, because they’ll be more well-rounded and fascinating people to be around. You don’t have to be together 24/7 to stay together. Make sure you take some time for you, to become the person that you want to be, so that you can be a stronger couple when you’re together.

7. Inside Jokes and Stories

Shared experiences and feelings are the foundations of a relationships. Being able to start conversations with “Remember that time…” followed by a funny story that both of you were a part of will bring you closer. This is because the best relationships are founded on friendship, so when you’re in a rut, recalling these moments and ideas that are only held by the two of you, will often be the spark that keeps things going long after the initial obsessive infatuation has worn off.

8. Lingerie

If you haven’t done so recently, giving your top drawer an overhaul is one of the best things you can do to reintroduce that “spark” into your relationship. You could even go one extra step and get a boudoir shoot with all your fun new lingerie. A boudoir session with Boudoir Los Angeles is an empowering gift to yourself and you will leave emblazoned, brimming with a positive new perspective of yourself, along with tangible memories to serve lifetime reminders of your experience. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

9. More Touching

Never underestimate the power of affection, not just in the bedroom but in general. Hold hands, cuddle, give massages. Touch is what helps us feel connected and bonds us together, it also reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and most importantly, keeps us from feeling so very alone.

Also, foreplay isn’t just something that happens in the moments immediately preceding sex, it’s a continual thing. The couples who feel mutually respected and appreciated outside of the bedroom, will have a much rewarding experience in the bedroom.

10. Fight Fair

It’s no great secret that all couples fight, but how you fight really matters when you want to keep the romance alive. Fighting dirty, bringing up old issues, not being considerate, etc. will arouse feelings of resentment, or worse, indifference. Fighting fair and respecting your significant other, especially when you disagree, will keep things smooth sailing for many years to come.

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