Natural Lighting for Beautiful Boudoir

September 16, 2014

How to Take Advantage of Natural Light 

In Beautiful Boudoir photography, if you really want to control light, there are few things better than having a continuous lighting rig in a studio. But let’s be serious. Given the choice between the best artificial light and the best natural light, every Boudoir or Portrait photographer will choose natural, hands down.

Many people have tried to argue with me about this, until they see the results. Because let’s be real,  there are no artificial light sources which compare with the radiance of natural light. Plus, properly using natural light is one of the best ways to flatter your Boudoir clients. There’s a reason why I originally chose my 5500 square foot daylight studio in Los Angeles – the wide veranda windows facing north and west light along my big white walls gives me the most beautiful soft light possible. This gorgeous light gives me the versatility I need to make any women look amazing.

One of the things people don’t like with natural light is that you have to be at its mercy. As the sun moves, the light changes, and sometimes this will work to your benefit, and sometimes, it will make it impossible to shoot. Fortunately for me, living in Los Angeles, I don’t have to worry much about rainy days – but for many photographers across the country, dealing with dark stormy days can be difficult.

Despite the obstacles, you can still use natural light to your advantage. Because not only is it a fuller, more flattering source of light, it doesn’t require any expensive setups. All you need is a window, a beautiful subject, and maybe a reflector, and you can make magic happen. Or, obviously, you can just go outside.

If you plan to shoot outside, there are certain types of day which mean better light for capturing your subjects. Generally, between 10 AM and 3 PM, when the sun is high overhead, is the worst time to schedule a Boudoir session. The sun will cause harsh shadows to fall. Shooting outside this window, during the golden hour or just before or after, will diffuse the light and give you much more freedom.

So, when it comes down to it, I will always choose natural light in my Boudoir shoots when I can. The sun is the most magical light source, and although finicky sometimes, produces the best results. There really is no argument.

natural light boudoirnatural light boudoir_0002natural light boudoir_0001

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A unique treat

September 12, 2014

boudoir and tattoos.I’ve been so excited to blog this! I’ve been waiting months to deliver these stunning Boudoir images to this extraordinary fancy fox. Once she had her art in hands, she gave me the thumbs up. I’m overjoyed.

I always feel so blessed when I get to show my work off! Lately I have been getting some badass clients and I am so excited that my photos are attracting women I love working with. It just keeps getting better and better.

Suzanne is an incredible woman with such fire burning inside her, and she possesses an authenticity that is unshakable and a beauty that is formidable. Yet still she retains a softness and femininity that shines just as bright as her tough sexy shell. She is a force of nature and I adore her.

Working with amazing women who inspire me is really the definition of success for me.  I’ve struggled in my career with not knowing what direction to go for a long time. It’s been 10 years since I’ve graduated from art school and finally it really feels right. The funny thing is, I knew it all along and for whatever reason, I took a really long detour. It’s all good though, lots of valuable lessons along the way. I’ve determinately arrived at where I belong and I’m undoubtably going for the top.

The Goal for me is to be the best and biggest boudoir studio in Los Angeles. That’s right, I said it, the best. Why not, right! The bigger the goal, the better the outcome. If I shoot for the moon and don’t make it at least I’ll be dancing with the stars. The stars are truly a beautiful place to be.

I’m so grateful for where I am today, and so excited for what’s coming up on the horizon.

boudoir and tattoos.boudoir and tattoos.boudoir and tattoos.boudoir los angelesboudoir and tattoos.boudoir and tattoos.boudoir and tattoos.boudoir and tattoos.

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the art of posing

September 6, 2014

The Art Of Posing 

There is an art to posing in portrait and boudoir photography.  If you have spent time researching the ‘net checking out other boudoir photographers, I’m sure you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down.

I see other photographers making some pretty bad calls when sticking nervous half-naked women in front of the camera.  But at Boudoir Los Angeles, you can have utter trust and assurance that I will make you look amazing, because I have spent the last 15+ years perfecting my skills in the art of posing clients in front of the camera. I am not perfect, but I won’t settle for less than perfection for you beauties.  I’m always eager to learn a new trick or position of the body that will capture the breathtaking sensuality of my stunning clients!  The more you practice, the better you get at anything.  At this point in my career, I’m extremely confident that I can walk into any room with any woman, with any body type, and I can pose her to make her body look the absolute most gorgeous it can be.

With posing, lighting, and retouching, I can produce the most beautiful photo you have ever seen of yourself, (and those couple of extra pounds you were worried about will never be an issue)!

I’ve been a retouching maniac the past few weeks. Lots of caffeine and late nights have resulted in some really beautiful photos. This is just a small portion of a Boudoir Posing Guide that I will be releasing with my Boudoir Ebook. Still not sure when that will be released, but I promise you will be the first to know!

Happy Saturday everyone!



portait_posing_0002portait_posing_0003portait_posing_0004boudoir_posingtheartofposingboudoir posing

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Today Boudoir is….

September 2, 2014

Boudoir State of Mind: Pathways to a More Confident You

Confidence is fetching, alluring. When a confident woman walks into a room, everybody looks. Confident women get what they want, have the life they want, date the people they want. They shape their realities.

So why, if being confident is the key to unlocking your full potential, do so many woman hold on to their insecurities? Why do so many people continue to put themselves down?

 Boudoir and Confidence

Boudoir Photography, for me, is synonymous with empowerment. There are so many women out there today who don’t know how incredible they are, and part of the reason is because they’ve never seen themselves through the correct lens.

Each time a new client steps into my Boudoir studio, she will usually feel uncertain at first. I’m not talking about professional models here, but real women who want to create something beautiful, something lasting for themselves or for their lovers. They come in a bit shy and reserved, and leave feeling confident and fully alive. This is because they’ve begun to see themselves as they truly are: worth it.

Self-confidence is tied into the belief that “Yes, I’m f***** worth it.” You attach a value to yourself that no one else can take away. You’ve lit a fire that no one else can snuff out. Dress up to please yourself.  Take a chance. Where something that says “here I am”

Sometimes it isn’t always easy to look at ourselves any differently than we always have. We’re subject to conditioning, to what our parents and friends and significant others have said, and we internalize that. If that’s the case, sometimes we just need to find a way to be able to look at ourselves differently. To appreciate ourselves differently.

Dress up to please yourself.  Take a chances. Where something that says “here I am”  and when your ready, book a fabulous fun photoshoot with Boudoir Los Angeles. 


boudoir losangeles 2014-09-02_0007






boudoir.losangeles_0006_0005 boudoir.losangeles_0006_0004 boudoir.losangeles_0006_0002

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pin up boudoir

August 30, 2014

Happy Labor Day weekend all! Working as usual! Hopefully soon I’ll take some time off. I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am a thriving workaholic. I’m working hard now so I can relax later! But, who knows maybe I’ll never relax! How can you really when you love what you do so much?

You could lock me up with my computer for months and It would never be a dull moment! I truly can’t ever imagine getting bored! Sometimes I wish I didn’t even have to be bothered with eating or sleeping.

Although I do wish I was at the burn right now, I’m making the best of my time and getting some shit done!

I was approached this week to start a pin-up show with one of my favorite burlesque dancers tonya kay. This would mean that I would be creating a pin up boudoir photoshoot into the event. Guests would be able to purchase a photoshoot and I would have a sweet little boudoir set-up pin up style where I could capture the magic right there on the spot.

I’ve been playing with a couple images to find some new techniques that will resemble that classic pin up look. Here’s my first attempt. I know it’s nothing like my usual timeless boudoir photos but not bad, right? More Pin up boudoir to come I’m sure!


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