July 31, 2015

extreme boudoir

You may cringe a little when you hear the words ‘Extreme Boudoir’ and well, I do not blame you. The gratuitous, tasteless and immodest show of flesh that passes as this subtle art is enough to put anyone’s hackles up!

But you know what my dear ladies? Extreme boudoir is hardly a 21st century find. We are not at the cutting edge of women’s empowerment and neither does all our cavorting in front of the camera tag us as iconoclasts. There is one woman who went ahead of us and left her mark on the chapters of history. And that is the infamous Lady Godiva. Legend says she went riding through the town of Coventry, dressed in her birthday suit to protest taxation laws imposed by her tyrant husband. But a thousand years have passed since the show of defiance and I like to give it a naughty twist! What if she was one of the very first proponents of extreme boudoir and had a hapless artist draw her up in all her awesome glory to thrill her spouse into submission?

Interesting hypothesis right?

Are you having second thoughts O ye modern day woman about going extreme? Good! Because I am about to bust some misconceptions around this extremely alluring and sexy form of intimate photography and give you an idea of how liberating and revivifying an experience it can be.

What is extreme boudoir?

Let’s start with what it isn’t! It is NOT simple nude photography. It is not meant to be crass or crude. And it has to be handled by an experienced artist who revers a woman’s body and respects her decision to shed all her inhibitions and face the discerning eye of the camera without any charade or pretense.

It stands for ‘emancipation’. It stands for going beyond what is tried and tested and accepted. Intimate photography has gained a kind of indulgent acceptance in society. So many people, both men and women are being drawn to this life altering experience that it is no longer a ‘dare’. It is cathartic. It is healing. It is transformative. But not ‘out on a limb’. Extreme boudoir uses nude shots with elements that are ‘traditionally’ not a part of a bedroom shoot to create a setting that challenges and inspires at the same time. To step up the game! To explore boundaries of what is ‘comfortable’ and to push them till they shatter – leaving you completely free of stereotypes and societal expectations.

Why should you try it and what to expect?

Like any other intimate photography session you can expect profound change after going extreme.

And why should you try it? Well because you can and you have me to show you the insider’s tricks to coming across as a vision of eroticism and power!

Just kidding….

Extreme intimate sessions allow you to play out your fantasies. Naked on a mechanical bull you can channel Madonna or bask under the desert sun as you meld your curves with those of a vintage Impala. Nothing is forbidden. And it’s all sealed with a kiss.

The only thing I do stress is ‘trust and confidentiality’. You should step into your extreme avatar with someone you like! No wish is too far reaching and no shot is too bold. It’s all about who you would like to be if you were the only person in the world.

Ain’t that lovely!!

desert boudoir

desert Boudoir

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All that Jazz

July 28, 2015

Dancers are my favorite people on earth to photograph, so when I get the call from another dancer, I do a little happy dance! This beauty just moved  from Florida to Hollywood to follow her dreams. She was on my favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance and she made it into the top 40, so of course,  I was even more excited for the shoot. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot. Happy Monday everyone!


Marisaall that jazzall that jazzall that jazz


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delicious fitness

July 25, 2015

delicious fitnessdelicious fitnessdelicious fitness

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The S Curve

July 24, 2015

How sweet it is…..


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bananas for boho

July 24, 2015

I can’t help help it. Deep down I’m a tree hugging hippie and crazy for anything boho. Any chance I get to do something with a sexy boho twist I get pretty excited, especially when I have one of my favorite muses modeling for me. I’m pretty delighted about how these turned out!



bohoboho godessboho rockboho rockboho crazyboho godess


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