The naked truth

November 26, 2014

Is that I like to take sexy photos of myself just as much as I like to take them of other people. Why not right?!

As a photographer on a mission to reinvent Boudoir Photography with an Editorial Bespoke approach, I have given myself permission to put myself out there. There will be plenty of people that won’t agree with me, my mother, my old boyfriends, and then there is always the haters, but I just can’t live my life caring about what other people think. I take beautiful, sexy photos of women and I love what I do!  Sure, You can call me an exhibitionist, but this is what I do for a living, so I should be able to do it myself.

So often, as women, we’ve told to hide what we’ve been given. If we show off our bodies then we’re called sluts, or even more frequently, people say that we’re “asking for it.” I say, excuse me? What is it about our culture that is so down on the female body? I don’t think we should hide it, I think we should flaunt it, I think it should be a celebration. Yes, there is a line you can cross where is gets to be uncouth, I am not denying that, but I don’t think I’m crossing that line here, not even close. Our bodies are art and as long as I have a this strong, beautiful body, I am going to treasure it.

Seeing yourself looking amazing, whether in clothes or not, is a huge confidence builder. Body image experts even recommend that more women spend time looking at themselves naked, because this helps us appreciate all of our flaws and see all of our great points. We see the whole picture and go wow, I’m actually pretty incredible. And that newfound sense of self-love will carry over to the rest of our lives. It all starts with loving ourselves first!

When I take sexy photographs of myself, it’s an exercise in self-love and self-confidence. When I photograph my clients, my goal is to show them just how extraordinary they are, and so, this is something I do for myself too. As women, we’re all in this together, and we need to be positive, and we need to be empowered, and we need to do it in the way that resonates with each of us. For me, that’s photography, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

So, I ask you to join me, take sexy photos of yourself (or book a Boudoir session with me), and learn to love yourself even more. By loving yourself as you really are, with all your glorious imperfections and magical assets, you can go out and conquer the world.

Let’s go out and be unstoppable. What are we waiting for?


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Hail to the Scorpio

November 20, 2014

sexy scorpio

A Scorpio woman is the sexiest and most mysterious of the twelve signs of the zodiac. She is exotic and magnetic, as deep as the sea, and, depending on her mood, as calm or as tempestuous. She is extraordinarily intuitive and will be keenly interested in the esoteric, or any occult or spiritual experience that offers some kind of deep insight. She is in tune with the fundamental forces of life and nature and is moved by the great tides and events of human experience.

The Scorpio woman should never be taken lightly. They aren’t flaky, fluffy, or helpless creatures by any stretch of the imagination. Direct, and brilliantly sharp, Scorpio women only focus on the fundamental essence of any issue and disregard the superfluous. They like clear endings and beginnings, with no grey areas in between. A Scorpio woman wants her certainties to remain just so – absolutely rock steady and assured. She wants to understand everything and knows how to craft just the right question to obtain the answers she seeks.

 They are fearless and stubborn and even when life gets a little tricky they merely take it on the chin and keep going. Self-confident, resourceful, and strong, Scorpios are driven to succeed; they work hard and are willing to sacrifice anything to get to their goals.

Happy birthday to my dear friend, Kelly. This sexy scorpio is always rolling like a boss! Can’t you tell!?

2014-11-19_0005sexy scorpios

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femme fatale

November 19, 2014

“She’s mad but she’s magic, there’s no lie in her fire.” – Charles Bukowski

Over the weekend I shot my new promotion video for my Boudoir business. I had two videographers, four stunning models, two amazing make-up artists. From 7am to 5 pm I worked my little butt off and It could not have gone better. I was so happy when it was all over that I actually cried tears of joy. I am feeling ever so blessed right now and things just keep getting better and better. All those countless hours of visualization are finally paying off.

Natasha my dear friend, mother of two and one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever met came to be one of my models. She is fiery and powerful, a true femme fatale.

I’ve always loved the archetype of femme fatale. A femme fatale is a lover of literature, art, and all things mystical. Her beauty, charm, and sexual allure allow her to navigate the world in such a way that no man could dim her light, control her dreams or conquer her world. She is the one in charge of writing her tale, the master of her own fate.

Throughout history, it’s the strong women who have stood out from the crowd, wowing everyone with their effortless grace, incredible mind, and remarkable sense of style. The true femme fatales of the world are few and far between, but when one walks in the door, you can’t help but notice. Their very existence demands attention, they won’t be ignored. When doors are closed, they find ways to open them. They raise families and run businesses and look stunning in the process.

This weekend was a whirlwind for me, but it ultimately reinforced my belief in what I’m doing. I want to showcase strong and capable woman as something to be admired. I want to photograph the femme fatales and prove just how incredible they are. Women shouldn’t have to hide behind men. We are full of strength and passion and we have every right to show that off.

If you’ve got it, you sure as hell ought to flaunt it, and never let anyone steal that fire from you.



If It’s time to let the true femme fatale in you shine, book a session with boudoir los angeles today!

femme fatale

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The Royal Treament

November 18, 2014

When is the last time you had a taste of it? If it’s time to do something fun and fearless and you want the royal treatment. Come visit my sexy boudoir dungeon for the finest serving of boudoir luxury your royal ass could wish for….

boudoir luxury

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Do you have a fetish?

November 13, 2014

This Halloween I discovered I did. I’ve never ever had a man in my life that was secure enough in himself to let me be who I am. For most of my adult life I have had one jealous boyfriend after the next and never quite understanding why I kept choosing men that would not let me be who I am. They were always so concerned about me cheating on them, and if I wore something too sexy there was always bound to be a flight. Even though I never cheated on any of them or gave them any reason not to trust me, they somehow always made me wrong for being the sexy, powerful and the bold woman I am.

I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to say this pattern in my life has been broken and it will never happen again. Over the last couple years since I have been with the love of my life how I have expanded in every way. I have blossomed into a new women that is able to express herself in ways she never thought she could. I am not ashamed of the things I want anymore and empowered to inspire others to do the same.

My boyfriend is the most talented man I have ever met. He is a artist/painter and every year he paints big stages for many of the famous halloween parties. This year he painted three stages for the the fetish and fantasy ball at the hard rock, so we decided to do Vegas this year for Halloween. I could not think of a more perfect time to dress up as I never have before.

I’m always thinking of props and outfits to add to my boudoir treasure chest, so going fetish seemed like the perfect fit.

I have gone back and forth for a couple weeks now on whether or not to post this, but I finally decided that this is who I am and I should not be afraid to share it. My brand is bold as is my photography. I encourage all my clients to be fully self expressed and to embrace whatever it is they want in their life, fetishes and all.

So here I am, the cat is out of the bag and this little kitty loves the whip…..

fetish boudoir


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